The S.I.R. Q Difference

The modern oilfield is all about efficiency and reliability. The costs of bringing an oil well to production are already so great that it is foolish to multiply that cost having to solve problems in the field that could easily have been prevented. To us it’s not enough to pretend that problems never arise, we proactively act and plan ways to mitigate these issues. To this end, S.I.R. Q works closely with our equipment manufacturers to ensure that our maintenance program exceeds their recommendations. We further ensure that our operators are trained in a variety of interventions to further minimize the chance that an issue will impact our clients.

Eliminating downtime during costly simultaneous operations is vital to cost containment and avoiding cost overruns. Unfortunately, the reality is that in spite of the best maintenance programs, problems will arise so then it becomes a question of what interventions are in place that can reduce or eliminate production. S.I.R. Q uses Astro Thermal Tec tri-fuel heaters to help ensure uninterrupted production in the event of fuel problems. For example, if there’s a problem with the LPG supply, flipping two switches can swap the heater unit to run off of diesel to allow the trained operators time to address the LPG problem without slowing or stopping the supply of heated water. As unlikely as it may be, if a larger problem requires more in-depth intervention, the maneuverability and simplicity of hook ups allows a unit to be fully replaced in a matter of minutes. While our units are very reliable, our commitment to providing uninterrupted service to our clients demands that we have a plan and the capability to ensure if we do have a problem it is not one that affects our clients.

In terms of normal operation, S.I.R. Q’s commitment to providing the best service available shines in the efficiency of the heaters that we choose to use.  S.I.R.Q heaters reach 95% heat transfer efficiency.  This means that unlike the older shell and tube heaters used by others that vent most of their fuel’s heat into the atmosphere through the exhaust, all but 5% of the fuel’s heat makes its way into the water.  This translates to lower costs and better safety.

Safety-wise S.I.R.Q has an excellent track-record and uses safe, atmospheric pressure heaters for operations.  Direct fire heaters do not require or create the dangerous pressures associated with boilers, cannot be over-pressurized, and are not affected by rapid changes in waterflow.